In my experience in professional networking strategies. Ive utilized Facebook to as a forum and Ive also attended various events related to my profession. For example, Ive utilized Facebook by creating professional groups to communicate with one another to work toward a specific goal. This group has allowed us to support one another and brainstorm off of one another with business ideas. Another strategy I use is attending various related events. For example, I attended a professional development and I met other dance teachers and coaches. One of the teachers I met was the dance professor at El Camino College Compton Center. Compton Unified School District, Compton Center and Cal state Dominguez hills network with one another,  so we can expose the high school students to various Arts program at different educational levels. We also network with Compton dance Theatre Foundation. Students will get exposure to professional dancer in the company and explore additional options in their dance experience.
The article “I thought wiki were creatures from star wars” gave me better insight on the definition of Wiki. Before reading the article I didn’t know what wiki’s meant, however I did hear about Wikipedia but I never knew that anybody could contribute and edit the content on the Wikipedia.  Wiki allows for easy editing by multiple authors, including those who are not very technoliterate (Sailor, 2006). Wiki is beneficial in education because it assist students working on group projects without meeting up. Each individual in the group has access to edit documents.

Sailor, S. (2006 November) I thought wikis were creatures in star wars. Retrieved June 8, 2013 from

Facebook and LinkedIn differ from one another because  one is a forum specifically for business and the other is more personal. Ive been a member of Facebook since 2004 or 2005 when only college students could become members of Facebook. It was a cool way to meet other college students and share your thoughts and photos.  Now we can connect with anyone on Facebook. You can control  how much access an individual has on your page and block people from being able to find you. I share my thoughts and family photos on Facebook but i would never share that on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a forum strictly for professional networking. You can showcase your business, establish connections, grow your network by joining groups, and show your expertise.  As I was browsing through my LinkedIn account I noticed there was an option to recommend someone. By recommending service providers, colleagues, and business partners: It helps them win clients, hire and/or get hired, shares your knowledge with other professionals, strengthens your relationships and your network. Ive been a member of LinkedIn since 2009 and I don't visit my page often. I know it's beneficial in the professional community and one day I may a develop a liking for the page. But until then Facebook has been my go to site for everything personal and business. 
Personal web presence can be enhanced through displaying your best work on your profile.  Creating web presence is a good way to track your success via the web. Things that should be included in a PWP are: About me, Blog, Philosophy, Sample Work and the Journey.  “About me” should include work history, education, affiliations and accolades. The “blog” should give them an insight of who you are as an individual without getting to personal, Things such as your experiences:  on a mission’s trip, donating blood, or teaching kids to dance.  “Philosophy” should explain you’re objectives, methods of meeting your objectives, how you intend to measure the effectiveness and your why.  Sample work should only display your best work not all of your work, just a fraction of your best work (so it doesn’t overwhelm you viewer). Lastly the Journey should include a project you’ve worked on and display the start of the project, the process and the ending product of the project.

I have many apps on my phone to help make life just a little more convenient. Some of the apps include fitness pal, pink pad, Pandora, Instagram, group me and banking apps. Just recently I added an app to assist in education, I thought it was really cool. The app I recently added is called "Remind 101". I wish I would have known about this app a tad sooner. This app helps teachers stay in contact with students and their parents via text. The teachers number will not appear in the text message. Everyone uses their phone for more than talking these days, and the majority of people who own phones have smart phones, which helps them add apps on their phone.  This app is amazing because some parents do not have assess to a computer but they can receive text. I always want to keep an open line of communication with  parents and if i can do that without exposing my phone number, this app is the way to go.
After reviewing the top 100 list for learning tools, I found it interesting that I already utilize a several of these tools for personal learning and to assist in some of my lessons. I currently use a plethora of the tools on the list:
  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook 
  3. Pinterest 
  4. YouTube
  5. Dropbox
  6.  gmail
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Google maps
  9.  Android phones and tablets
  10. Google apps
  11. Google translator
  12. Skype
  13. Google drive
  14. Word
  15. Word Press
  16. Moodle
  17. Powerpoint
  18. Google search
Out of the tools listed above I have favorites, least favorites, some that I use often for personal learning and others I use to assist in my lessons. The tools I use least (least favorite) are Twitter, LinkIn, and WordPress. I tried to get into the twitter rush but it didn't tickle my fancy. I was used to facebook format. I signed up on LinkIn in 2009 and all I did was sign up. I understand its a professional social network but I don't find much interest in this tool at the moment. Maybe I will gain an appreciation for it later.I signed up for word press while I was in my credential program and at the time it was a wonderful tool to document my first year in teaching, but after the program my frequency in logging in decreased and now I don't log in at all. After being introduced to weebly I like that format better than word press and once I travel abroad I want to use weebly as a tool to document my journey. The tools I use the most (favorites) are Facebook, Youtube, Moodle, word, android phone, Skype and Google search. I value the other tools importance but those tools aren't my favorites nor my least favorites but I utilize them when needed.

The tools I use for personal learning are youtube, google, pinterest and moodle. In my experience using these tools, Ive learned how to cook and crochet on pinterest and youtube. Google search is like my own personal assistant whenever I have a question about business location, contact information, current events, and random questions I utilize google search. Moodle is a course management system and it allows me to stay in contact with professors, classmates and to be informed about upcoming assignments. The tool I use to assist in my lesson is youtube. Youtube has been a very beneficial tool for my students. The students will review various genre's of dance and or fitness videos and use the information they have found on the site to demonstrate a new dance combination or exercise. In addition to demonstrating new dance or exercise,  they must explain what video they choice? why they chose it? what they learned from the video? why is it important to utilize proper form doing this dance or exercise? and explain how to do the movements properly.

The 2.0 tools have effected education in a positive way, allowing people with totally differently lifestyles to find time for education. There are many 2.0 tools such as SlidyCam, this is a very cool 2.0 app for sharing photos. This app is being used in art classes to save and show individuals finished works to other students current and past. There is also an app called Pandamian which allows you to create your own reading books which I think is very cool.  I’m sure this app is already being utilized in many reading classes throughout high schools where most teachers make it mandatory to write short stories. Now after talking about those 2.0 apps the one I think is very beneficial and is getting used in more schools then any is the “one true media” app. This app allows you to create video slideshows and put music and text to them. Lots of online courses require you to complete work assignments where you need to create these slideshows of your research, and one true media allows you to do this. Even in classes you have to be physically present in, one true media demand you to complete slideshow presentations in front on your peers. Online education has improved for the better since the 1.0 app. I think 2.0 is just the beginning of what’s in store for online education or should I say education as a whole; the world is moving fast and growing rapidly. The needs of individuals are changing; classrooms may come second to online courses in the near future, because these tools cater to the population’s lifestyle and growth of the ever evolving technology.

  30 boxes is a simplified online organization app that allows users to stay organized and up to date with daily activities. I tried this app and personally this app is one of the best calendar apps I have tried. One of the feature qualities of this app is its sharing capabilities. It allows you to share your daily activities with desired individuals, from family, colleagues, to students. This app adds lots of structure to any aspect of anyone’s life and can benefit teachers and student by making sure they both know what to expect for the upcoming calendar days. Therefore anxiety of the unknowing and unpreparedness is taken out of the equation giving Teacher and student alike a greater chance of success and harmony inside the classroom.  I would strongly suggest this site to all of my colleagues, and use this as a required app for my class to benefit from.

     Zoho Writer in the simplest explanation is an app that allows a group of individuals to complete a task as one without actually being in the vicinity of one another.  This app in my opinion has limitless capabilities when it comes to team building.  Zoho allows users to send any type of files needed to group members without leaving the actual site of assignment, therefore making it a very fluent and easy transition.  Zoho has many beneficial features; one of my favorites is its task assigning features. This allows group leaders to assign parts of group assignments to each individual for them to complete, while being able to check each individual’s progress. Therefore making working in groups more effective and time saving.  I must say technology is great; zoho totally eliminates the long drives to group meeting locations, and makes it easy on adults with children. 

    Pandora, what would I do without this radio site.  Pandora is really easy to navigate through and if you love music like I do, I strongly suggest downloading this app for daily relaxation, motivation and workout music. It is a fact that music affects the overall feeling of an individual. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, your mood can be high or it can go very low.  Luckily Pandora allows you to pick the genre all the way to the artist you want to listen to, so the music that makes you happy is just a click away at all times. Pandora allows you to create a profile that remembers the genre of music you enjoy. Therefore you don’t have to start all over when it comes to finding music.  I found this to be very important when teaching dance class to students.  I was able to go through my profile for specific genre of music for each individual style of my dance classes.  If you are a fitness junky who loves to run in the early morning and didn’t have time to make yourself a mix on your smartphone or other electronic device, don’t worry because Pandora has you covered.  Just type in the genre or name of your favorite artist and enjoy music streamed into your electronic device throughout your entire jog or entire day. Pandora is a great app overall and I strongly recommend to all of my music lovers.


Unseen mistake

This is a hip hop video of a few of my friend and I dancing. I used this video for instruction. Some of my students would stop and or laugh when ever they would make a mistake in a dance combination. During this dance i made a mistake and i asked the students to find that error. Most of them couldn't find it because I continued to perform as if nothing happened. Teachable moment.

"I Am" Poem dance composition

The purpose of this class activity is to engage the students through creative writing and movements. The students created an "I Am" poem and created movements that represented their poem.
I found “photo fun” assignment very interesting. I enjoyed taking my photo and making it into something amazing using the special effects on the website .  Prior to this course, I seen a few of my Facebook associates use special effects on some of their photos and I thought they had a special program on their computer in order to create these photos. Now I’m aware of how to create interesting photos. The course “Technology in kinesiology” has allowed me to think differently about my approach to incorporating technology in physical education. One of the things I would definitely incorporate into my lessons is the fan page on Facebook. I found the Facebook fan page valuable because it allows my students to add me as a friend (without adding them to my personal page) and utilize the fan page as a format to contact me, post assignments, build a community of learners, and discussion forums.  I will definitely utilize Facebook fan page  in the future. I also enjoy the weebly website creation page. Its easy to use and interesting to view other weebly member pages as a spectator. I enjoy looking at my classmates pages and viewing their thoughts on various topics and I'm sure I can use this site to assist in my lessons in the future.



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