Facebook and LinkedIn differ from one another because  one is a forum specifically for business and the other is more personal. Ive been a member of Facebook since 2004 or 2005 when only college students could become members of Facebook. It was a cool way to meet other college students and share your thoughts and photos.  Now we can connect with anyone on Facebook. You can control  how much access an individual has on your page and block people from being able to find you. I share my thoughts and family photos on Facebook but i would never share that on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a forum strictly for professional networking. You can showcase your business, establish connections, grow your network by joining groups, and show your expertise.  As I was browsing through my LinkedIn account I noticed there was an option to recommend someone. By recommending service providers, colleagues, and business partners: It helps them win clients, hire and/or get hired, shares your knowledge with other professionals, strengthens your relationships and your network. Ive been a member of LinkedIn since 2009 and I don't visit my page often. I know it's beneficial in the professional community and one day I may a develop a liking for the page. But until then Facebook has been my go to site for everything personal and business. 
Tia Wolfe
6/17/2013 11:17:58 pm

I thought this post was very informative. I've never heard of linkedIn before and had no idea of its functions. If I required the need to network my business, I would most likely now use linkedIn rather than before when I knew nothing about this tool.


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