The 2.0 tools have effected education in a positive way, allowing people with totally differently lifestyles to find time for education. There are many 2.0 tools such as SlidyCam, this is a very cool 2.0 app for sharing photos. This app is being used in art classes to save and show individuals finished works to other students current and past. There is also an app called Pandamian which allows you to create your own reading books which I think is very cool.  I’m sure this app is already being utilized in many reading classes throughout high schools where most teachers make it mandatory to write short stories. Now after talking about those 2.0 apps the one I think is very beneficial and is getting used in more schools then any is the “one true media” app. This app allows you to create video slideshows and put music and text to them. Lots of online courses require you to complete work assignments where you need to create these slideshows of your research, and one true media allows you to do this. Even in classes you have to be physically present in, one true media demand you to complete slideshow presentations in front on your peers. Online education has improved for the better since the 1.0 app. I think 2.0 is just the beginning of what’s in store for online education or should I say education as a whole; the world is moving fast and growing rapidly. The needs of individuals are changing; classrooms may come second to online courses in the near future, because these tools cater to the population’s lifestyle and growth of the ever evolving technology.

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