I have many apps on my phone to help make life just a little more convenient. Some of the apps include fitness pal, pink pad, Pandora, Instagram, group me and banking apps. Just recently I added an app to assist in education, I thought it was really cool. The app I recently added is called "Remind 101". I wish I would have known about this app a tad sooner. This app helps teachers stay in contact with students and their parents via text. The teachers number will not appear in the text message. Everyone uses their phone for more than talking these days, and the majority of people who own phones have smart phones, which helps them add apps on their phone.  This app is amazing because some parents do not have assess to a computer but they can receive text. I always want to keep an open line of communication with  parents and if i can do that without exposing my phone number, this app is the way to go.

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