30 boxes is a simplified online organization app that allows users to stay organized and up to date with daily activities. I tried this app and personally this app is one of the best calendar apps I have tried. One of the feature qualities of this app is its sharing capabilities. It allows you to share your daily activities with desired individuals, from family, colleagues, to students. This app adds lots of structure to any aspect of anyone’s life and can benefit teachers and student by making sure they both know what to expect for the upcoming calendar days. Therefore anxiety of the unknowing and unpreparedness is taken out of the equation giving Teacher and student alike a greater chance of success and harmony inside the classroom.  I would strongly suggest this site to all of my colleagues, and use this as a required app for my class to benefit from.

     Zoho Writer in the simplest explanation is an app that allows a group of individuals to complete a task as one without actually being in the vicinity of one another.  This app in my opinion has limitless capabilities when it comes to team building.  Zoho allows users to send any type of files needed to group members without leaving the actual site of assignment, therefore making it a very fluent and easy transition.  Zoho has many beneficial features; one of my favorites is its task assigning features. This allows group leaders to assign parts of group assignments to each individual for them to complete, while being able to check each individual’s progress. Therefore making working in groups more effective and time saving.  I must say technology is great; zoho totally eliminates the long drives to group meeting locations, and makes it easy on adults with children. 

    Pandora, what would I do without this radio site.  Pandora is really easy to navigate through and if you love music like I do, I strongly suggest downloading this app for daily relaxation, motivation and workout music. It is a fact that music affects the overall feeling of an individual. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, your mood can be high or it can go very low.  Luckily Pandora allows you to pick the genre all the way to the artist you want to listen to, so the music that makes you happy is just a click away at all times. Pandora allows you to create a profile that remembers the genre of music you enjoy. Therefore you don’t have to start all over when it comes to finding music.  I found this to be very important when teaching dance class to students.  I was able to go through my profile for specific genre of music for each individual style of my dance classes.  If you are a fitness junky who loves to run in the early morning and didn’t have time to make yourself a mix on your smartphone or other electronic device, don’t worry because Pandora has you covered.  Just type in the genre or name of your favorite artist and enjoy music streamed into your electronic device throughout your entire jog or entire day. Pandora is a great app overall and I strongly recommend to all of my music lovers.

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