After reviewing the top 100 list for learning tools, I found it interesting that I already utilize a several of these tools for personal learning and to assist in some of my lessons. I currently use a plethora of the tools on the list:
  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook 
  3. Pinterest 
  4. YouTube
  5. Dropbox
  6.  gmail
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Google maps
  9.  Android phones and tablets
  10. Google apps
  11. Google translator
  12. Skype
  13. Google drive
  14. Word
  15. Word Press
  16. Moodle
  17. Powerpoint
  18. Google search
Out of the tools listed above I have favorites, least favorites, some that I use often for personal learning and others I use to assist in my lessons. The tools I use least (least favorite) are Twitter, LinkIn, and WordPress. I tried to get into the twitter rush but it didn't tickle my fancy. I was used to facebook format. I signed up on LinkIn in 2009 and all I did was sign up. I understand its a professional social network but I don't find much interest in this tool at the moment. Maybe I will gain an appreciation for it later.I signed up for word press while I was in my credential program and at the time it was a wonderful tool to document my first year in teaching, but after the program my frequency in logging in decreased and now I don't log in at all. After being introduced to weebly I like that format better than word press and once I travel abroad I want to use weebly as a tool to document my journey. The tools I use the most (favorites) are Facebook, Youtube, Moodle, word, android phone, Skype and Google search. I value the other tools importance but those tools aren't my favorites nor my least favorites but I utilize them when needed.

The tools I use for personal learning are youtube, google, pinterest and moodle. In my experience using these tools, Ive learned how to cook and crochet on pinterest and youtube. Google search is like my own personal assistant whenever I have a question about business location, contact information, current events, and random questions I utilize google search. Moodle is a course management system and it allows me to stay in contact with professors, classmates and to be informed about upcoming assignments. The tool I use to assist in my lesson is youtube. Youtube has been a very beneficial tool for my students. The students will review various genre's of dance and or fitness videos and use the information they have found on the site to demonstrate a new dance combination or exercise. In addition to demonstrating new dance or exercise,  they must explain what video they choice? why they chose it? what they learned from the video? why is it important to utilize proper form doing this dance or exercise? and explain how to do the movements properly.

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