Personal web presence can be enhanced through displaying your best work on your profile.  Creating web presence is a good way to track your success via the web. Things that should be included in a PWP are: About me, Blog, Philosophy, Sample Work and the Journey.  “About me” should include work history, education, affiliations and accolades. The “blog” should give them an insight of who you are as an individual without getting to personal, Things such as your experiences:  on a mission’s trip, donating blood, or teaching kids to dance.  “Philosophy” should explain you’re objectives, methods of meeting your objectives, how you intend to measure the effectiveness and your why.  Sample work should only display your best work not all of your work, just a fraction of your best work (so it doesn’t overwhelm you viewer). Lastly the Journey should include a project you’ve worked on and display the start of the project, the process and the ending product of the project.

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    I'm a fun loving mother, wife and educator. I'm a people person and I love meeting new people.


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