I found “photo fun” assignment very interesting. I enjoyed taking my photo and making it into something amazing using the special effects on the website http://funphotobox.com/ .  Prior to this course, I seen a few of my Facebook associates use special effects on some of their photos and I thought they had a special program on their computer in order to create these photos. Now I’m aware of how to create interesting photos. The course “Technology in kinesiology” has allowed me to think differently about my approach to incorporating technology in physical education. One of the things I would definitely incorporate into my lessons is the fan page on Facebook. I found the Facebook fan page valuable because it allows my students to add me as a friend (without adding them to my personal page) and utilize the fan page as a format to contact me, post assignments, build a community of learners, and discussion forums.  I will definitely utilize Facebook fan page  in the future. I also enjoy the weebly website creation page. Its easy to use and interesting to view other weebly member pages as a spectator. I enjoy looking at my classmates pages and viewing their thoughts on various topics and I'm sure I can use this site to assist in my lessons in the future.

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