Prior to this course I seen podcasting on my iTunes page and I always wondered “what is podcasting?” Reading the following articles; “getting their iLessons”,” History to go”, and “using podcast as audio learning objects”  I learned the definition of  podcasting and how they can be utilized in education.  When I was younger my mom was in nursing school. I remember seeing her listening to her instructor’s lectures via a tape recorder. Even though I was younger, I felt this was an awesome idea because the student could always listen to the lecture as many times as they needed in order to retain the information.  As technology enhances, podcasting is virtually a tape recorder but instead of a tape recorder we use digital files. Pod casting can be beneficial in education because it allows students to have audio access to lectures. This course has exposed me to various technologies that can be used in education and the importance of implementing them into our lesson plans. We are in a time where students are technology savvy and implementing technology tools will help keep them engaged in the lesson.  

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