What are some situations where you feel you are in your "sweet spot?"

The video "Playing on your strengths" was very interesting and informative. I can recall moments when I was in my sweet spot. There are “ah ha” moments when everything just seems to go right and things are accomplished so easily.  Naturally I’m a planner. My mom would tell me stories of how I would compartmentalize my toys and plan my day all the way from waking up to going to sleep.  An example of being in my sweet spot was when I helping a team mate organize her classes so she can transfer from her junior college on time (within 2 years). While I was organizing her class schedule it made my mouth salivate.  When she actually did everything I recommended it brought me even more joy.

What are some areas where you feel you are totally out of your areas of strengths?

I’m a non-confrontational person. I admire people that are witty and quick on their feet with responses. I haven’t been so fortunate to be as quick on my feet or to even respond in a manner to get my point across. I’m the type of person that walks away from a confrontation wishing I would have said something different. I often miss the opportunity to get my point across. Most times, when I get home I’m thinking “I could have said this”.

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