The research in the article was very enlightening. Facebook is #1 out of the top 10 social networks. The article spoke about Facebook being used for chat rooms, discussion forums, blogs, wikis and building learning communities. As a dance educator, I’ve used YouTube as a learning tool in my class. I utilized YouTube in 2 ways; one was to have students search various forms of dance genres and discuss their results in class. The other way I would utilize YouTube is by recording students dance combinations so they can use it as a reference to study the dance combination and I would also post their performances. The students enjoyed seeing their performances on YouTube. They would share the site page with parents and friends so they can also see their progress in the class. This helped build our learning community because the students had something in common, they were all involved in dancing in the video and their families were also able to experience the learning community via watching them perform together on the YouTube page. The pages was beneficial to me because I was able to show my progress as an educator and I can always go back and review lessons, reflect on things I should keep and things I should change in a lesson and/or dance composition. To view my class YouTube page click on the YouTube tab above.

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