The benefits of a professional portfolio are the sharing power and documentation of previous work. You are able to share your portfolio with individuals who may want to enlist your services. It’s also beneficial to have access to some of your best work so you can look back on your accomplishments and grow further more in your craft. The benefits of LinkedIn are to network with other professionals and share it on a big platform. The benefit of a person web site is the control you have in sharing information. You can place tabs on your site that gives the viewer the best chance at getting an understanding of you and your professional endeavors. All 3 methods have their benefits, but there are also cons to these 3 methods as well.  Professional Portfolios are usually given to a specific individual and you have to make various copies of your professional portfolio to share with more than one company.  LinkedIn  and personal web sites shares your profile with everyone so anyone has access to your work and your accomplishments can be easily duplicated by others and it can make you seem ordinary when you were originally extraordinary until everybody else seen your extraordinary representation and did the same thing.

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