• What sites do you go to regularly to learn new things?

      The sites I frequently visit to learn new things are youtube, instagram, google, and pinterest.

      •  Are there authors or sites that you "follow?"
      I follow the following pages on youtube, pinterest , and instagram.

      Tracey Beauty is the young lady I follow to get crocheting lessons:


      I follow Day dream Kitchen to get cooking recipe ideas:


      I Follow this young lady for work out and healthy meal ideas:


      •     When does the Internet or the Web help your learning, and when does it distract from good learning for you?

      The internet helps my learning when there are things I’m interested in learning on the website.  The internet becomes a distraction when I begin to look at my friend’s page and start reading their personal thoughts and post. It also becomes distracting when I check my email and the home page shows updates on famous people drama.  I get engulfed in the personal thoughts and drama which distracts me from learning.

          How do you feel about technology and learning?

      I feel technology and learning has improved a great deal, especially seeing the internet flourish from dial up to high speed internet and the growth of social media.

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