I share many sentiments with the article “Always On”. I feel our technology is a gift and a curse. Because information is so easily accessible students don’t feel the need to retain the information for themselves, because they can always Google it. In the article “social networking in undergraduate education” spoke about the benefits of utilizing technology in education but “Always On” mentions the pros and cons of social networks. The article mentioned "While most of the survey participants see this as mostly positive, some said they are already witnessing deficiencies in young peoples’ abilities to focus their attention, be patient and think deeply. Some experts expressed concerns that trends are leading to a future in which most people become shallow consumers of information, endangering society." I agree with this statement. Because technology has pros and cons, technology should be used in moderation. There should be a limit on how much internet access should be used daily to keep students connected and engaged in what’s happening in front of them versus looking for something else to occupy their brains when the current topic has gotten dull. Moderation is the key to keeping technology relevant and beneficial in education.

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